ERL Buck Be A Lady

Year Foaled 2005

AMHA World Champion Two Year Old Mare 29-31 2007 and AMHA World Champion Senior Mare 28 to 30 2008. In 2006 she was Eastern Regional Reserve Grand Junior Champion Mare.

Photo Gallery

Pedigree for ERL Buck Be A Lady

Little Kings Techno Buck Boones Little Buckeroo Poplar Lanes Samson  
Johnstons Vanilla Gold Melody Boy
Vanilla 3rd
Mini Whinnys Carmel Delight Mini Whinnys Fire Fox Little Kings Reflection
Little Kings Fascination
Little Kings Bucks Bay Belle Boones Little Buckeroo
Komokos Love Lace
Fallen Ash Scouts Real Rosy L&D Scout Orion Light Vant Huttenest Dell Teras Buttons
Dell Teras Jane
L & D April Lady  
Fallen Ash Farms Wrapped in Roses    

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